Anti-Deportation Campaigns  - June 2017

Judge Halts Deportation of More Than 1,000 Iraqi Nationals From US

Felix Wamala V Tascor Services – Total of £48,000 Damages

S.M.M. a Zimbabwean National v. the UK – Unlawful Detention- Violation of Article 5 § 1

John O V Home Office - Breech of Section 10(1) of the FOIA

Resisting Immigration Raids and the Hostile Environment – Online Guide

Nigeria/Ghana Charter Flight - 15 People Charged With ‘Aggravated Tresspass’

Anti-Deportation News  - June 2017

Immigration Detainees Bring Legal Challenge Against £1 an Hour 'Slave' Wages

96% Drop in European Nurses Since Brexit Vote

Government Seeks to Cut Costs of Immigration Litigation Work

Victims of Rape in Conflict Zones Should Not be Stigmatised

Legal Challenge Begins Over Unaccompanied Child Refugees

So, Your Country Isn't Keen to Resettle Refugees. Are You?

Explainer: What is a Public Inquiry?

Barriers to Citizenship Facing Stateless Children Born in the UK

One Person Forced to Flee Their Home Every Three Seconds by War and Violence

Failure to Abide With the Right to Work Checks

Supreme Court Rules UK System For Deporting Foreign Criminals Unlawful

Unannounced Inspection of Eaton House Short-Term Holding Facility

Failure to Abide With the Right to Work Checks

SSHD’s Abuse of Foreign National Criminal

Australia Agrees to Pay A$70m to Manus Island Detainees

EU Takes Action Against Eastern States For Refusing to Take Refugees

Cholera Killing More People Than Bombs and Bullets in Yemen

How Wars and Disasters Fuel Child Labor

Migrant Domestic Workers - Still in the Dark, Still Disempowered

Instruments of Pain: Conflict and Famine

Sri Lanka’s Transition to Nowhere

Gender-Based Killings, Domestic Violence Forms of 'Arbitrary Execution'

Inside Trump's Secretive Immigration Court: Far From Scrutiny And Legal Aid

Europe’s “Suspended Communities”

EU Asylum Reform Deadlocked

MEPs Back Proposal to Fingerprint Asylum Seekers From Age 6

Donald Trumpski Withdraws from Climate Agreement - Where next for planet Earth?

Identify Children’s Rights Violators In War

Fury Over £5.48 Immigration Email Charge

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - June 2017

Dublin 111 Regs: Transfer (take charge) Requests – Subject to Time Limit

Applications by Non-Nationals for Leave to Remain in the UK

SSHD’s Appeal Against Upper Tribunal Refusal to Deport a Foreign Criminal - Dismissed

Court of Appeal: Human Rights Cannot Be Raised In EEA Appeals

CPIN - Pakistan: Background Information, Including Actors of Protection, and Internal Relocation

CPIN Somalia: Majority Clans and Minority Groups in South and Central Somalia

CPIN DRC: Women Fearing Gender-Based Harm or Violence

CPIN Iran: Zoroastrians

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Vol. 150

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Vol. 149

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - May 2017

Deteriorated Situations: Central African Republic, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan), Mexico, Egypt, Libya.

Outlook for June - Conflict Risk Alerts: Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan), Libya.

Resolution Opportunities: None

May saw a new escalation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, while in Libya deadly fighting in the south and in Tripoli dimmed prospects for reconciliation and bodes ill for June. In Egypt, the Islamic State (ISIS) orchestrated another major attack on Christians. Insurgent violence took a high toll on civilians in the Philippines and Afghanistan, and a bombing in Thailand’s deep south injured scores. Attacks on Sri Lanka’s Muslim community were a sign of rising tensions. In Africa, violence involving armed groups surged in the Central African Republic, jihadist attacks rose in Kenya, and former rebels now soldiers mutinied for the second time this year in Côte d’Ivoire. Further fragmentation of criminal organisations in Mexico fuelled violence. In a positive turn, Macedonia finally got a new government, offering a way out of the longstanding political crisis.

Read more: International Crisis Watch,

Important Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners - April 2017

Essential Resource for all Anti-Deportation Campaigns - US Country Reports

Family Reunion in the United Kingdom (UK) - UNHCR Briefing Paper

*Detention Services Orders For Home Office Officials*

HRW World Report 2017: Demagogues Threaten Human Rights

Useful Reports/Current Immigration Statistics

Self-Harm January through December 2016

Self-Harm January through December 2015

Self-Harm January through December 2014

Immigration Statistics Q1 January/February/March 2017

29 Deaths Across the UK Detention Estate - Suicide/Murder/Undetermined ----

Number of Individuals Recorded as Refusing Meals in Immigration Removal Centres