Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  July 2017

Manchester Needs Nestor Sylla - Don't Let the Home Secretary Deport Him

Amnesty for Survivors Without Immigration Status of the Grenfell Tower Fire

Anti-Deportation News  - July 2017

Spain: Migrants Held in Poor Conditions

DRC: Child labourers Must Not Pay the Price For UK’s Shift To Electric Vehicles

Home Office Breached Woman's Human Rights in Yarl's Wood 'Punishment Room'

Refugees Must Seek Asylum in First EU Country Reached

Burden of Proof Establishing That a Proposed Marriage is Sham Falls on the Secretary of State

France: Police Attacking Migrants in Calais

Migrant Truck Death Toll Rises to Nine

UK has Serious Concerns About Human Rights in 30 Countries

Tories Use 'Take Out the Trash' Day to Dump Controversial Reports

295 Days Unlawful Detention £40,000 Damages

Early Day Motion 208: Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip

Withdrawn or Not Withdrawn

Torture by Sri Lankan Police Routine, Says Human Rights Lawyer

Creating a ‘Hostile Environment’: Theresa May’s Immigration Record

Nine In 10 Asylum Seekers Wrongly Denied Emergency Support

New Refugee Framework “Dead in the Water”

Immigration – Service of Visa and Deportation Notices

Top Twenty Failed States 2017

Government too Restrictive in Treatment of EEA Nationals Once They Acquire British Nationality.

Bangladesh: End Disappearances and Secret Detentions

Police Who Failed Murdered Refugee Displayed 'Hallmarks of Racism'

Chinese Mother-of-Two Wins Asylum Appeal Over Fear of Persecution

DRC Violence Fuels Fears of Return to 90s Bloodbath

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - July 2017

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (HC 290)

Early Day Motion 190: Asylum Support

Sri Lanka: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

CPIN Morocco: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

CPIN South Africa: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

CPIN Albania: Background Information, Including Actors of Protection, and Internal Relocation

CPIN Somalia (South and Central): Security and Humanitarian Situation

CPIN Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood

CPIN Egypt: Military service

CPIN Egypt: Christians

CPIN   Egypt: Background Information, Including Actors Of Protection, And Internal Relocation 

CPIN Iran: Women Fearing Domestic Violence

CPIN: Somalia (South and Central): Fear of Al Shabaa

CPIN Kenya: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

CPIN: Bangladesh: Journalists, Publishers, and Internet Bloggers

CPIN: Sri Lanka: Tamil Separatism

CPIN: - Sri Lanka: Journalists, Media Professionals and Human Rights Activists

Immigration – Service of Visa and Deportation Notices

Ms Yan Zheng V Secretary of State For The Home Department

ARC Country of Information Update Vol. 152

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - July 2017

Deteriorated Situations: Cameroon, Mali, Nigeria, Qatar, Egypt

Improved Situations: China/Japan, Colombia

Outlook for July 2017: Conflict Risk Alerts Syria - Resolution Opportunities none

June saw the insurgent group Boko Haram step up deadly attacks in Nigeria and Cameroon, and communal violence spike in central Mali. In Egypt, the authorities hardened against opposition voices while Syrian regime forces and their allies are likely to come into more direct confrontation with the U.S.-led coalition in July as the two sides compete to seize territory from the Islamic State (ISIS). A Saudi Arabia-led bloc severed diplomatic ties with Qatar accusing it, inter alia, of supporting Islamist groups. While in East Asia, relations between China and Japan, locked in a dispute over islands in the East China Sea, took a positive turn, particularly when they agreed to launch an air and maritime contact mechanism. In Colombia, in a significant step forward in implementing the peace agreement, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) completed the handover of their weapons.

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Important Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners

Essential Resource for all Anti-Deportation Campaigns - US Country Reports

Family Reunion in the United Kingdom (UK) - UNHCR Briefing Paper

*Detention Services Orders For Home Office Officials*

HRW World Report 2017: Demagogues Threaten Human Rights

Useful Reports/Current Immigration Statistics

Self-Harm January through December 2016

Self-Harm January through December 2015

Self-Harm January through December 2014

Immigration Statistics Q1 January/February/March 2017

29 Deaths Across the UK Detention Estate - Suicide/Murder/Undetermined ----

Number of Individuals Recorded as Refusing Meals in Immigration Removal Centres