Anti-Deportation Campaigns  - November 2016

Dianne Ngoza

Free Robert Makutsa! Emergency Demonstration Broken Up By Police

Save Bashir Naderi, Our 19-Year-Old Friend, From Imminent Deportation!

Removal Windows, Injunctions and Out of Country Appeals: The Acceleration of Enforced Removals

Oldham Pensioner Wins Fight Against Deportation to Pakistan

Refugee Status Granted After 20 Years of Legal Wrangling

Anti-Deportation News  - November 2016

High Court Suspends Restrictive Definition of Torture for Immigration Detainees

UK Immigration Centres Record 218 Hunger Strikers in Three Months

As a Judge, I Can See the Racism Embedded in the Justice System

Right to Rent Scheme Has Negative Impact on All Citizens

Proving Torture - Demanding the Impossible

Home Office Ordered to Review Policy on Torture Survivors

Migration Facts in a Post-Truth World

Unelected Judges Decline to Prevent Deportation of Foreign Criminal

Migrants in Limbo in Europe Have the Right to Live in Dignity

Migrant Teenagers Without Family in UK Barred Except Syrians & Sudanese

Hundreds Of Trafficked Children Missing From UK Care Homes

UNHCR Position on Returns to Iraq as of 14th November 2016

Tightening the Language Skills Net

Tier 2 UK Immigration Rules - Are You Ready for the Changes?

Plan for Immigration Removal Centre at Glasgow Airport Rejected

Unlawful Immigration Curfews Under Government Review

The End of Immigration Appeals From Within the UK is Nigh

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The “Street” and Politics in DR Congo

Integration of Asylum Seekers Granted Refugee Status

Invisible Fathers of Immigration Detention

Significant Shortcomings Exposed in Detecting Illegal Foreign Criminals in Damning New Report

As US Justice Department Close Troubled Private Prison Immigration Authorities Reopen It

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - November 2016

List of Acceptable Documents for Confirming Entitlement to Work in the UK

MM Allowed -  KO dismissed - Meaning of the Term "Unduly Harsh

Domestic Violence Rule: Evidence

UNHCR Position on Returns to Iraq as of 14th November 2016

MK, IK (a child by his litigation friend MK) Judicial Review Granted

Statelessness and Applications for Leave to Remain

Immigration Rules - Statement of Changes Hansard: 03 November 2016, Volume 616

Deportation, Discrimination, Citizenship Rights for Children Born Out of  Wedlock

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 137

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 136

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 135

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees – November 2016

Deteriorated Situations: Central African Republic, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Myanmar, Russia/North Caucasus, Venezuela, Haiti.

Improved Situations: Lebanon - Resolution Opportunities: None  -  Conflict Risk Alerts: None

October saw Venezuela’s tense political standoff at new heights amid economic stress and popular unrest, and Haiti’s weak political and security equilibrium struck by a major natural disaster and humanitarian crisis. In Africa, violence worsened in the Central African Republic (CAR), north-eastern Kenya, Mozambique and western Niger, while in Ethiopia the government hardened its response to continued protests. In Myanmar, unprecedented attacks on police in the north triggered deadly clashes and displacement threatening to exacerbate intercommunal tensions across the country, while Russia’s Northern Caucasus saw an increase in conflict-related casualties, detentions and counter-terrorism operations. In the Middle East, the election of Michel Aoun as president of Lebanon signals a long-awaited breakthrough ending two years of political deadlock.

CrisisWatch is a monthly early warning bulletin designed to provide a regular update on the state of the most significant situations of conflict around the world. Access the full report,

Important Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners - November 2016

1) Amnesty International Report 2014/15: State of the World's Human Rights

2) Anxious Dictators, Wavering Democracies, Freedom of the World 2016

3) UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO) Human Rights and Democracy Report for 2015

4) State of Religious Freedom World Wide

5) US Department of State – Human Rights Reports

6) Successful Appeal Against - Refusal to Revoke a Deportation Order Against a Foreign Criminal

Useful Reports/Current Immigration Statistics

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