Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  January 2016

The Case for Open Borders

Anti-Deportation News  - January 2016

Visa Scheme Exposes Workers to Abuse

Asylum Seekers 'Forced to Wear Coloured Wristbands'

Bisexual Asylum Seeker Wins Home Office Fight to Remain In UK

Home Office Refuses to Publish Inquiry Into Death Of Detainee Shackled For Heart Op

Four Syrian Refugees Must be Brought From Calais Camp to UK

Asylum Centre Costs More Than World's Most Exclusive Hotels

UK Must Drastically Reduce Use of Detention

Immigration Detention: Vulnerable Persons (Government Response to Shaw Report

Policing with Accountability or Policing with Impunity?

Record Number of Asylum Seekers in UK Destitute

UK Surveillance Law Threatens Freedom of Expression

CCRC Helps Asylum Seekers Quash Convictions for Illegal Entry Into UK

Healthcare: Yarl’s Wood IRC

MPs Say Britain Should Resettle 3,000 Refugee Children

Guardian View on Asylum in Europe: The Closing North

Migrant Crisis: UK Government Response Branded 'Inadequate'

Iranian Faces Deportation After Home Office Rejects Safety Fears

Freedom on the Net 2015 

The Year in Human Rights: Best and Worst of 2015

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - January 2016

Onos v SSHD [2016] EWHC 59 (Admin) (26 January 2016) Detention of Mother & Three Children in ‘Cedars’ - Unlawful

Grounds for Revoking Refugee Status – Updated Guidance Jan/ 2016

EDM 1004: Religious Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Indonesia

SR (Algeria) v SSHD [2015] EWCA Civ 1375 (17 December 2015) - Is an Outstanding Appeal Abandoned if person is Forcibly Removed From UK

"Shifting Sands" of the Country Guidance in Respect of Ahmadis in Pakistan

Effect Upon Third Party's Private Life Rights Can be Factor in Human Rights Appeal

M.D. and M.A. v Belgium – If Expelled to Russia Violation of Article 3

 FK, R (On the Application Of) v SSHD (SSHD erred in Law in refusing to recognise a victim of trafficking)

Secretary of State Must Arrange Return of Respondent to UK

RK, R (on the application of) v SSHD  (s.117B(6); "Parental rRelationship" (IJR) [2016] UKUT 31 (IAC) (22 December 2015)

Dasgupta (error of law - proportionality - correct approach) [2016] UKUT 28 (IAC)

SSHD v Vassallo [2016] EWCA Civ 1352 (14 January 2016)

UKHO CIG: Iran: Illegal Exit

UKHO CIG: Ukraine: Prison conditions

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 116

UK HO CIG: The Gambia: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

UKHO CIG: Pakistan: Interfaith Marriage

Early Day Motion 930: Freedom of Information Act 2000

Healthcare: Yarl’s Wood IRC

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees - December 2015

5 actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in December 2015, according to CrisisWatch 149

Deteriorated Situations: Afghanistan, Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Niger

Improved Situations: None
January 2016 Watch list
Conflict Risk Alert: Burundi
Conflict resolution opportunities: Liby

Download the full report: Crisis Watch 149

Important Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners - 2015|

6) Source and Scope of Civil Resistance
5) US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014
4) Amnesty International Report 2014/15: State of the World's Human Rights
3) Freedom in the World 2015 - Discarding Democracy: Return to the Iron Fist
2) Human Rights Watch World Report 2016: ‘Politics of Fear’ Threatens Rights
1) Corporate Report: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UKFCO)

Useful Reports/Current Immigration Statistics

Self-Harm January through September 2015

Self-Harm January through December 2014

Deportations - Detention - Asylum Q3 - 2015

Deportations - Detention - Asylum Q2 - 2015

Deportations - Detention - Asylum Q1 - 2015

Immigration Statistics, January to March 2015

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