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2022 has been the worst year for those seeking safety in the UK, with untimely deaths, destitution, detention, imprisonment, homelessness and hopelessness.

And Suella Braverman, the UK’s Homicidal Home Secretary, has avered that 2003 will see more of the same

From January through December 2022, we sent out over 260 Legal Briefings to all recipients and over 500 articles on asylum/immigration.

'No-Deportations' provides 'Signposting' to anyone in the UK subject to UK immigration controls and does not want to leave the UK for whatever reasons. Whether they fear returning to their country of origin for political reasons, fear of religious/ethnic persecution, would face persecution for their gender preferences, or wish to remain in the UK for economic reasons, in that they can get a better standard of living for their families/themselves, can send remittances back to their families in the country of origin.

To this end, 'No-Deportations' sources up-to-date reports on conditions in countries which are a source of people travelling to the UK for asylum, political, gender, religious, and economic reasons.

Provides up-to-date UK immigration case law, rulings of UK Immigration Courts/Tribunals, UK Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights, and European Court of Justice that may benefit those UKBA are trying to remove/deport from the UK.

Where those subject to UK immigration controls have fallen foul of those controls and are required to leave the UK. 'No-Deportations' helps families/individuals/campaigners set up Anti-Deportation Campaigns and will try to find alternate legal avenues for them to remain in the UK.

We do not give legal advice or provide legal advice but will read persons' UKBA documents refusing them leave to remain in the UK and 'signpost' accordingly.

All information is provided free to anyone seeking help without fear or favour.

In Solidarity,

John O for 'No-Deportations'


[Access to Bank Accounts for Charitable Organisations

EDM (Early Day Motion)261: tabled on 07 July 2022, by Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield

That this House notes the brilliant work of the charitable sector and the positive impact charities have on communities across the country;

recognises that charities must be supported to thrive and the unique role Government plays in creating the conditions by which the third sector can flourish;

further notes that charities require access to finance and bank accounts so they can operate in the public interest;

is therefore concerned about reports that charities are finding it increasingly difficult to access banking services;

believes that if these difficulties are left unresolved the delivery of charity services will be at risk;

and calls on the Government to work with banks, UK Finance and third-sector groups to solve the issues experienced by charities and ensure they have access to financial services that are crucial for their running.]

There has not been a response from the Government to above

As a result smal groups that do charitable work, now have to use personal accounts to raise funds to continue working.


Please note that due to new rules by banks, you can no longer set up 'Trustee Accounts', which has been the normal way of appealing for funds for charitable work.

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