General Information May 2024

Heatwave Warnings as Records Broken in Asia - 2023 Hottest year on Record

How El Fasher Went From Darfur’s Safe Haven to All-Out War

IMB: Widespread Concerns Over Safety Of Immigration Removal Centres

Crippling’ Drought in Zambia Threatens Hunger for Millions

With Europe’s Support North African Nations Push Migrants into the Desert

Knowledge is the Most Democratic Source of Power

Why Being Tough on Migrants Actually Undermines Effective Immigration Control

Long, Dangerous Journeys on the Rise But Migration Drives Prosperity

Climate Crisis Fuels Deadly Floods, Worsening Hunger In Afghanistan

We Can’t Hope to End Wars If We’re Not Honest About What They Are

‘Slow Violence’ of Destitution Impacts Migrants in Greater Manchester

75th Anniversary of the ‘European Court of Human Rights’

IRR Calendar of Racism and Resistance ( 30 April – 14 May 2024)

Refused Asylum Seekers Also at Risk of Being Sent to Rwanda

Provisions of ‘UK Illegal Migration Act' Must be Disapplied in Northern Ireland

EU Migration Pact Equals More Misery, Racism and Violence Against Migrants

Thousands of Care Workers Risk Deportation After Employers Breach Rules

Climate Protesters Attempt to Storm Germany's Tesla Factory

Rising Protests Among UK Asylum Seekers Held for Deportation to Rwanda

Struck-Off Solicitor Jailed For More Immigration Offences

Myanmar Displacement Reaches 3 million

Hundreds of Potentially Trafficked Children ‘Abandoned by Home Office’

‘Wild West’ for Personal Data Undermines UK Human Rights

Government Defeated in High Court Over Climate Plans

Possible Victim of Human Trafficking Has Conviction Overturned

Arrests After Protesters Thwart Asylum Seekers' Coach Transfer

Regret: Statement of Changes to Immigration Rules

Government: Immigration Update

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - May 2024

Conflict Risk Alerts: Myanmar - Israel/Palestine - Lebanon - Sudan

Resolution Opportunities: None

Deteriorated Situations: Colombia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Georgia - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Mali Israel/Palestine - Lebanon - Iran - Ethiopia

An Israeli airstrike on an Iranian consular facility in Syria triggered the first ever direct military confrontation between Iran and Israel, as Tehran launched hundreds of drones and missiles in a retaliatory attack on Israeli territory

Tensions surged in Mali as the government suspended the political activities of all political parties and associations, while announcing elections would not be held until the country regained stability.
In Ethiopia, clashes erupted between Tigray and Amhara forces in disputed territories, displacing tens of thousands.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) dissident group known as EMC fractured, plunging negotiations with the Colombian government into uncertainty and fuelling fears of violent escalation.

In Bangladesh, a surge in attacks by an ethnic armed group, the Kuki-Chin National Front, in the Chittagong Hill Tracts derailed nascent peace talks and prompted a major operation by security forces.

Security forces in Georgia cracked down on protesters opposing the ruling party’s reintroduction of its controversial “foreign agents” legislation.

Improved Situations: Venezuela

Conflict In Focus: Iran
Our monthly conflict tracker highlights four conflict risks in May.

Israel continued its war in Gaza, bringing the death toll since 7 October to over 34,500 Palestinians. Famine in Gaza’s north is shaping up to be the world’s worst relative to population size of the past few decades. Israeli leaders reiterated their threat to invade Rafah city, which could kill or again displace many of the more than one million Palestinians who have sought refuge there.

Lebanon continued to face the spectre of all-out war as deadly cross-border hostilities between Israel and Hizbollah expanded in scope and severity.

Sudan fears of all-out intercommunal conflict in Sudan’s North Darfur escalated as the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and Darfuri armed groups prepared for war and the Sudanese Armed Forces intensified bombings of Arab areas.

Myanmar ethnic armed groups in the south east, west and north inflicted battlefield setbacks on the regime, highlighting the extent of the regime’s weakness and setting the stage for further hostilities in May. Communal tensions escalated in Rakhine state, foreshadowing potential violence, including against civilians.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked significant developments in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gabon, Mauritania, Moldova, South Africa and Togo.

Source: Crisis Watch,

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