General Information March 2024

With 783 Million People Going Hungry, A Fifth of all Food Goes to Waste

63,000 Migrant Deaths in 10 Years - Fleeing More Lethal Than Ever

Institute of Race Relations - Informing the Struggle for Racial Justice

Nine More Asylum Seekers Died In First Half of 2023 Than Home Office Disclosed

Immigration: Role of Primary Legislation

Role of the Immigration Rules

Any Home Secretary has Massive Power to Control Immigration

Lords’ Further Defeat of Rwanda Bill Delays Final Vote Past Easter

Challenge to Home Office Policy of GPS Tagging Migrants

Government Told by High Court to Keep “Rather Basic Point” in Mind When Advising on Redactions

Appellant Keeps British Nationality After Court Of Appeal Overturns Dishonesty Finding

JUSTICE: Way Forward for EU Settlement Scheme

Home Office Food Provision Leaving Some Asylum Seekers Malnourished

Statement of Changes HC 590: Salary Thresholds Increased, Shortage Occupation List Gone

Home Office to Accept Calls for Inquiry Into Asylum Seeker Centre

‘Dysfunctional’ Home Office in Need Of Reform, Sacked Borders Watchdog Says

“Near Breaking Point”: Urgent Changes Needed To Support Victims Of Modern Slavery

HO Must Release Data on Five People Who Died inAsylum-Seeker Accommodation

Asylum Report Reveals Mishandling of Cases, Secret Ministerial Directions

Babies Born to Refugees After Their Grant of Status

‘No Passport’ Case Sent To Crown Court

Lords Pass Five Amendments to Rwanda Bill in Heavy Defeat For Rishi Sunak

Number of Asylum Refusals and Homeless Refugees Skyrocket

Windrush Scandal

A “Difficult to Understand” First-tier Tribunal Decision

Costs of the UK-Rwanda Partnership

Government GPS Tagging of Migrants Breached Data Protection Law

Rwanda Plan to Cost UK £1.8m for Each Asylum Seeker

Permission To Challenge ‘Horrific’ Living Conditions at Asylum Accommodation

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - March 2024

Deteriorated Situations: Ukraine Mozambique Democratic Republic of Congo Guinea Senegal Haiti Chad South Sudan Israel/Palestine Lebanon Pakistan Papua New Guinea Burkina Faso

Conflict Risk Alerts: Israel/Palestine Lebanon Yemen

Resolution Opportunities: None - Improved Situations: None

Conflict in Focus: Ukraine

Israel killed thousands more Palestinians in Gaza – bringing the death toll since 7 October to over 30,000 – and continued to restrict aid, which could plunge over half a million into famine. Israel threatened an all-out attack on Rafah in March, which could kill or again displace a huge proportion of the 1.5 million people seeking refuge there unless a ceasefire currently under negotiation can avert the offensive.

The start of Ramadan in March could see rising tensions in the West Bank, and beyond. In particular, should Israel impose restrictions on Muslim worshippers’ access at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa complex, it could fuel violence by Hizbollah or Palestinian armed groups in Lebanon, increasing the risk of full-scale war.

Undeterred by the U.S.-UK bombing campaign, the Houthis in Yemen launched near-daily attacks on international shipping in adjacent waters and may further expand their targets. The military build-up along various frontlines could portend a new Houthi offensive against government forces.

CrisisWatch Identified Thirteen Deteriorations In February. Notably:

Ukraine’s forces withdrew from the embattled town of Avdiivka in Donetsk region after months of heavy Russian bombardment. The retreat marked a significant setback for Kyiv as its forces felt the sting of waning U.S. support and momentum swung toward Moscow (see this month’s Conflict in Focus).

Security forces in Chad killed Yaya Dillo, a staunch opponent and cousin of transitional President Deby, during a shootout in the capital N’Djamena. The incident laid bare major cracks within the ruling elite ahead of the May presidential election.

In DR Congo, M23 rebels advanced on the strategic town of Sake in North Kivu province amid fierce fighting with the army and allied forces, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee.

A constitutional crisis erupted in Senegal after authorities postponed the presidential election, triggering violent protests and international alarm.

Disputed results following Pakistan’s 8 February national elections triggered protests and deepened the country’s political crisis, as a surge in militant attacks in the provinces bordering Afghanistan killed dozens.

Violent protests erupted across Haiti calling for acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation, as gang violence, both between rival outfits and against the government, wreaked havoc in the capital Port-au-Prince.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked significant developments in Moldova, Papua New Guinea, Senegal and South Africa.

Source: Crisis Group,

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