General Information June 2024

(You may all be painfully aware that war is on the rise. The use of force is increasingly unchecked as more World leaders pursue their ends militarily and diplomats struggle to make gains. New crises keep emerging to dominate the conversation, diverting attention from the conflicts already underway. Recent wars have killed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions and left more people in need of life-saving aid than in previous decades.)

Multiple Violations in Case Brought by Ukraine Against Russia Concerning Crimea

Long-Term Asylum Accommodation Damages Health and Wellbeing

Deaths on Migration Route to Canary Islands Soar to 1,000 a Month

UK’s ‘Broken’ Family Reunion System Failing Refugees

‘Squalor’ of Cramped Rat-Infested Home Office Asylum Seeker Hotels Revealed

Home Secretary Required to Accommodate Street Homeless Victim of Trafficking In London

Legal Challenge Launched Against Increases To UK’s Minimum Income Requirement For Family Visas

Next Government Must Dismantle Our Racist Asylum System

Israel Joins UN ‘List of Shame’ for Abuses Against Children in War

UN Reports ‘Shocking’ Rise In Violations Against Children In Conflict In 2023

UK Court Grants HRW, AI Permission to Intervene in Israel Arms Case

EU Court Fines Hungary €200m Over its Asylum Policy

Forcibly Displaced Population Doubles to 120 Million

Threefold Increase in Lone Child Asylum Seekers in UK

Being Tough on Migrants Actually Undermines Effective Immigration Control

Denaturalization: Bad Cases Make Bad Law

Terrorism, Humanitarian Crises Threaten Stability of West Africa

Unlawful Treatment of Newly Arrived Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

Harmful Impact of Age Assessment Process on Child Asylum Seekers

UN Experts Concerned About Migrant Labour Exploitation in UK

WFP Increases Food Rations For Rohingya Refugees by 1 Dollar a Month!

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - June 2024

Deteriorated Situations
Georgia, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Venezuela, Cameroon, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Taiwan Strait, Bangladesh, Myanmar, New Caledonia (France), Egypt, Tunisia Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mozambique,

Conflict Risk Alerts
Haiti, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Sudan,

In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, fighting between the regime and the Arakan Army has taken a dangerous communal turn. Escalating Rakhine-Rohingya violence could fuel further abuses against civilians and trigger refugee flows into Bangladesh, where camps hosting one million Rohingya have already been destabilised by violence and forced recruitment (see this month’s Conflict in Focus).

In Sudan, full-scale conflict pitting the army and allied Darfuri armed groups against the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces erupted in North Darfur’s capital El-Fasher, threatening to further inflame intercommunal conflict.

Israel’s war in Gaza entered a new phase with the long-feared Rafah offensive, displacing around one million people. Amid the bombing, ground incursions and restrictions on humanitarian aid, more civilians could die, including from starvation, dehydration or disease.

The risk of expanded conflict into Lebanon, including through inadvertent escalation, grew more acute as Hizbollah and Israel continued to trade heavy cross-border blows.

The ruling MORENA party’s presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum looks poised to win the 2 June poll in Mexico, where the risk of post-election violence remains high.

In Haiti, the Kenya-led multinational security mission could be met with fierce gang attacks upon arrival in June.

Resolution Opportunities -None

International Crisis Group,


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