General Information January 2024

Deadly Consequences of the New Deal to ‘Stop the Boats’

France: Migrant Children Sleep in the Street in Marseille

CJEU: Women Who Are Victims of Gender-Based Violence Can Qualify For Refugee Status

UK Granted Asylum to Rwandan Refugees While Arguing Country Was Safe

Home Office ‘Appalling’ Secret Policy on Trafficking Victims

CCRC Refers Convictions of Trafficking Victim to Crown Court

Conviction of Syrian Asylum Seeker Referred To Crown Court

Modern Slavery in Social Care Surging Since Visa Rules Eased

Asylum-Seeker/Unaccompanied Minor Left With no Accommodation Violation Article 3

1,300 Asylum-Seeking Children Wrongly Assessed Treated as Adults by HO

Asylum Support Increase for Pregnant Women Very Young Children Now in Force

Duty to Safeguard Children in Need and Their Families Section 17 Children Act 1989

Stop the Boats has Failed - An Impossible Pledge Brings Predictable Disaster

‘Inhumane’ Home Office Denying Visas to Children of Migrant Health Workers

Germany: 100,000 Protest Against Proposed Deportations

Rishi Sunak Rebuked by Stats Watchdog Over Misleading Asylum Backlog Claim

66% Rise in Immigration Health Surcharge Comes Into Force 6th February 2024

Greece: Coastguards Use of Force Against Migrants Violation of Article 2

Asylum Accommodation to be Excluded From Social Housing Landlords Crackdown

Inadmissibility Process and the Three New Asylum Backlogs

Scientific Age Testing of Children Becomes Law

Human Rights Watch Report on the UK for 2023

Global Rights Crises Deepen as World Leaders Shy Away

High Court Quashes Unlawful Policy on Vulnerable People in Immigration Detention

TalkTV Pays Damages to Migrants Charity Over ‘Human Traffickers’ Claim

Asylum Base Condemned by Home Secretary Moves ‘Torture Victims’ Into Hotels

46 Million Children at Risk in West & Central Africa Due to Conflict & Displacement

Reduction in Asylum Backlog Achieved Mainly Through Withdrawals and Questionnaires

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2024

Government Doubles Down on Experimental Surveillance Tech to Track Migrants

No-Deportation - Financial Appeal 2024 - The Times They Are Inflating

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - January 2024

Deteriorated Situation: Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Taiwan Strait, Sudan Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Yemen

Conflict Risk Alerts: Guatemala, Bangladesh, Sudan, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon

Improved Situations: Türkiye, Somalia

Resolution Opportunities: Guatemala

1) The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces captured Wad Madani city in its first major offensive in the east, raising fears the group could try and conquer all of Sudan by force, with destabilising effects for the region (see this month’s Conflict in Focus).

2) Israel’s relentless attacks on Gaza – which have killed more than 23,000 people in three months – continue in the territory’s south, leaving the vast majority of the 2.3 million inhabitants struggling to survive amid food insecurity and diseases. Meanwhile, hostilities between Israel and Hizbollah continued to expand, underscoring the risk of a wider conflagration engulfing Lebanon and the region.

3) Following a months-long government crackdown on the opposition, initial election results indicated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won her fifth term in Bangladesh; disputed polls could fuel further protests and violence in the coming weeks.

4) Political volatility remained high in Guatemala amid relentless attempts to discredit election winner Bernardo Arévalo, who is due to take office on 14 January. The president-elect’s ability to assume office will be a test case for the country’s stability.

5) Tensions escalated in the Red Sea as the U.S. took its first military action in response to threats by Yemen’s Houthis against commercial shipping, killing ten Houthi militants attempting to board a vessel.

6) Security forces in Jordan resisted cross-border armed raids by smugglers and militants from Syria, as the military reportedly launched retaliatory airstrikes.

7) Opposition candidates in DR Congo rejected presidential election results giving victory to President Tshisekedi. The former election commission chief launched a political-military alliance with M23 rebels, vowing to oust Tshisekedi.

8) In Guinea-Bissau, fighting broke out between security forces units aligned with rival political factions. President Embaló described the incident as an attempted coup.

9) Cross-strait tensions heightened ahead of Taiwan’s tight January election planned for 13 January, as China maintained its military activity around the island and described reunification as an “inevitability”.

CrisisWatch is our global conflict tracker, an early warning tool designed to help prevent deadly violence. It keeps decision-makers up-to-date with developments in over 70 conflicts and crises every month, identifying trends and alerting them to risks of escalation and opportunities to advance peace. In addition, CrisisWatch monitors over 50 situations (“standby monitoring”) to offer timely information if developments indicate a drift toward violence or instability. Entries dating back to 2003 provide easily searchable conflict histories.