General Information April 2024

Home Office to Detain Asylum Seekers Across UK in Shock Rwanda Operation

UK Asylum System Heading for ‘Catastrophic Meltdown’ Due to Recent Legislation

Crew of Migrant Rescue Boat Acquitted in Italy After Seven-Year Ordeal

State of the World’s Human Rights - AI’s Annual Report 2023/24

Deprivation of Citizenship Shows High Number of Stalled Cases

Unable to Return to the UK for Over 15 Years After Home Office Mistake

Thrown Out Case Against UK Climate Activist Who Held Sign On Jurors’ Rights

Asylum Seekers Can Leave Guarded Encampment on Diego Garcia

Rishi Sunak - Inward Migration far to High

Legal and Policy Infrastructures of Irregular Migration in the UK

Government Officials Working on Small Boats Policy Referred to ‘Bloody Migrants’

Canada - Historic Win for Migrants & Asylum Seekers - No More Immigration Detention

Dramatic Rise in Homelessness Among New Refugees in London

Migration Pact "Will Engender a Proliferation of Human Rights Violations"

People Granted Asylum: Government Support

Number of Asylum Seekers Left Homeless After Home Office Eviction Soars

Approach to Asylum ‘Untenable’ as Backlog of Cases Left In Limbo Builds Up Fast

European Court Rules Human Rights Violated by Climate Inaction

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - April 2024

Institute of Race Relations - Calendar of Racism and Resistance /19 March – 2 April

There is No Stopping People Seeking Asylum

Shocking’ Increase in Children Denied Aid in Conflicts

Guidance on the Deportation of EU Nationals for Pre-Brexit Conduct

Procedural Fairness Requires Reasons to be Given in Afghan Resettlement Refusals

Immigration Regulator: There’s Not Enough Immigration Lawyers

Briefing: How to Make a Change of Conditions Application and Remove the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ Restriction

Evidence to Suggest a Case of Human Trafficking Could See Conviction Overturned

Irish High Court Finds Decision to List UK as a Safe Third Country Unlawful

The 'Butchers Apron' ~ Aka the 'Union Jack'

Sentencing Council Opens Consultation On New Guide lines for Immigration Offences

Chief Inspector’s Report on Social Care Sector Finds Issues With Sponsor Licences And Compliance

Government Rejects Recommendation to Limit Asylum Detention

Migrant Workers at Greater Risk of Modern Slavery After Brexit

Crown Court Quashes Human Trafficking Victim’s Convictions

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - April 2024

Deteriorated Situations
Afghanistan / Pakistan / South China Sea / Venezuela / Haiti / Somalia / Bosnia And Herzegovina / Russia (Internal) / Israel/Palestine

Violence escalated in Haiti after the country’s two largest gang coalitions launched coordinated attacks across the capital Port-au-Prince to deter an international security mission from deploying. Gangs targeted critical sites, freed over 4,700 inmates and forced tens of thousands to flee.

Electoral authorities in Venezuela blocked the opposition coalition from registering their banned candidate María Corina Machado or her replacement, in an apparent bid to strengthen President Maduro’s hand in the lead-up to July elections.

Political tensions rose in Somalia, where the government of Puntland state suspended its recognition of the Mogadishu-based federal government over a review of the constitution, one of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s priorities.

Pakistan launched its first acknowledged airstrikes in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s takeover in 2021 in response to a deadly militant attack on an army post in a border district. The Taliban retaliated with cross-border fire, underscoring the risk of armed conflict between the two sides.

Strained relations between China and the Philippines soured further over maritime incidents in the South China Sea.

Conflict Risk Alerts
Bosnia And Herzegovina - Israel/Palestine - Lebanon

Resolution Opportunities

Improved Situations
Papua New Guinea / Somaliland Senegal

Source: Crisis Group,

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