General Information September 2023

UN Asked to Declare ‘Gender Apartheid’ - Against Afghanistan Rulers

UN Rebukes Suella Braverman Over Her Attack on Refugee Convention

Why Are Views About Immigration Different and Better In Scotland?

UKIP Politician who Campaigned Against Illegal Workers Was One Him Self

Government Faces Legal Action Over ‘Collapse’ in Immigration Advice

What is the No Recourse to Public Funds Condition?

Home Office Accounts Show Additional £3 Billion Unbudgeted Asylum Expenditure

Exclusive: Home Office Stops Feeding Afghans Still Stuck in Hotels

Legal Study on the Non-Punishment Principle for Victims of Human Trafficking

Europe’s Lack of New Ideas on Migration is the Real Crisis

Brook House IRC Detainees Suffered Unacceptable Treatment

Immigration and Asylum Legal Aid Sector Has ‘Collapsed’

‘Radical Reorientation’ Needed as Half of Humanity Lacks Basic Health Coverage

Calendar of Racism and Resistance (29 August – 12 September 2023)

UK: Children and Families Seeking Asylum Face Dire Conditions

£121m in Dividends to Shareholders of Companies Running Asylum Accomodation

Undocumented Migrants: One World - One Struggle - Together Onwards

Over 7 Million Refugee Children Out Of School

Statement of Changes HC 1780: Restrictions on Administrative Review

Home Office Defies High Court by Placing 100 Asylum-Seeker Children in Hotels

Increased Risk of Homelessness for Recognised Refugees

No Slowdown in Rise of Asylum Backlog - 170,000 Asylum Seekers Await a Decision

More Delays, More Refusals ‘Bad Faith’: The Latest Trafficking Statistics

Sanctions Can Sometimes Obstruct Peacemaking

General Grounds for Refusal: Deception, False Information and Innocent Mistakes

Refugee Family Reunion: A User’s Guide

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - September 2023

Eleven Deteriorated Situations
Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia Mali, Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Cyprus, Syria

Military officers seized power from President Ali Bongo in Gabon moments after authorities announced his re-election for a third term.

In Syria, a major battle broke out between the regime and the northwest’s dominant rebel group Hei’at Tahrir al-Sham as Russia renewed airstrikes, while the Islamic State killed dozens as it stepped up attacks in the country’s centre.

President Lasso declared a nationwide state of emergency in Ecuador following a spate of political assassinations in the lead-up to the presidential election.

In Cyprus, violent skirmishes between Turkish Cypriots and UN personnel in the buffer zone injured multiple peacekeepers and Turkish Cypriot police officers and sparked a strong diplomatic rebuke.

Improved Situations: Colombia, Guatemala
The Colombian government’s landmark ceasefire with the National Liberation Army guerrilla group took effect, marking an important step forward in President Petro’s “total peace” efforts.

Guatemala’s presidential election went ahead despite judicial and other interference, resulting in a landslide victory for centre-left candidate Bernardo Arévalo endorsed by the outgoing president.

Outlook for September 2023

Conflict Risk Alerts: Mali, Niger
Significant clashes broke out in Mali’s north between government forces and former rebels for the first time since the 2015 peace agreement. September could see more violence and the collapse of the peace process as the UN mission’s withdrawal continues.

The West African regional bloc ECOWAS continued to threaten the use of force in Niger to restore constitutional order following the coup in July. An intervention could trigger major pushback and put Niger and the wider region at risk of war.

Resolution Opportunities: None

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we usually cover, we tracked significant developments in Bahrain, Nile Waters and Senegal

Source: International Crisis Group