General Information October 2023

HO Asylum Transformation Programme Risks Making a Bad Situation Worse

What are the 10 and 20 Year Rules on Long Residence?

UNHCR Publishes Recommendations on the Illegal Migration Act

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Government Faces Legal Challenge Over ‘Unlawful Segregation’ of Asylum Seekers

Over 114 Million Displaced By War, Violence Worldwide

‘Pervasive and Relentless’ Racism on the Rise in Europe

Aliens: The Chequered History of Britain's Wartime Refugees

Permission Granted for JR Challenging Delays in Asylum Decision Making

Conditions at Manston Centre for Asylum Seekers ‘Unacceptable’

Government's Counter Disinformation Unit Falls Short On Curbing False Israel-Palestine Posts

Hundreds of American Jews Arrested in Protest Against the Israeli State

Sunak Forced to bring Afghans Granted Sanctuary in Britain to UK From Pakistan

Israel-Gaza Crisis: Uunited States Vetoes Security Council Resolution

EDM 1685:Protecting Civilians in Gaza and Israel

UN Experts Urge Pakistan to Stop Planned Mass Deportation of Afghans

EDM 1676: Israel's Response to Hamas Atrocities and the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Home Office Concedes Latest Challenge to 'No Recourse To Public Fund's Policy

New Home Office Guidance on ‘Failure to Travel to Bibby Stockholm’

Institute of Race Relations (IRR): Calendar of Racism and Resistance

What is a Medico-Legal Report?

Israeli Moves in Gaza Break international Law

On the Escalation of the Situation in Israel/Palestine

Thousands of Refugees Could be Made Homeless in UK Asylum Backlog Clearance

Suella Braveman - ‘Multiculturalism’ has Proved ‘Toxic’ for Europe

75% of Asylum Seekers Crossing Channel Would be Recognised as Refugees in UK

What is the Difference Between Refugee Status and Humanitarian Protection?

New Illegal Working Fines Will Not Stop Channel Crossings

New Requirement to Notify Independent Monitoring Authority of Claims

Fairness in Safe 3rd Country Removals: COA Judgment In Asylum Aid’s Case

LGBT+ People Face Persecution & are No Less Deserving of Protection

Age Assessments: How to Challenge A Negative Decision

DR Congo Set For Record Levels of Grave Violations Against Children for Third Consecutive Year

Asylum Seekers Claim They Are Put in Isolation ‘For Feeling Depressed’

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - October 2023

Severely Deteriorated Situations: Palestine/Israel
This is an ongoing military and political conflict in the Levant. Beginning in the mid-20th century, it is one of the world's longest-continuing conflicts with no end in Sight.

As of Monday morning, 9th October, the death toll is over 1,100. An estimated 700 people have been Killed on the Israeli side, with more than 400 Dead in Gaza.

Deteriorated Situations,
Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh, Burkina Faso, Mali, Haiti, Burundi, Pakistan

Kosovo The fragile calm in northern shattered as a group of heavily armed Serbs clashed with Kosovo police. The military-grade weapons seized from the attackers indicate Serbs in the north are preparing for a fight.

Azerbaijan launched a military operation in Nagorno-Karabakh, claiming victory after 24 hours and ending the enclave’s de-facto self-governance. Fearful of their future under Baku’s rule, tens of thousands fled into Armenia (see “Conflict in Focus”).

Mali’s ruling junta postponed the presidential election due in February, further pushing back the timeline for a return to constitutional order. Meanwhile, violence escalated between 2015 peace deal signatories, and jihadists stepped up deadly attacks in the north.

DR Congo-based rebels launched a deadly attack into Burundi for the first time since 2021, leading to deadly clashes with government and allied forces.

Pakistan, twin suicide bombings in the provinces bordering Afghanistan killed at least 59 people amid a spate of militant attacks. Deadly clashes between Pakistani and Taliban forces along the Afghan border temporarily closed the Torkham crossing.

Dominican Republic closed its border with Haiti over a canal dispute, which risks aggravating the country’s humanitarian crisis. Rampant gang violence in the capital triggered mass displacement.

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict:
Azerbaijan launched a military offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh. After 24 hours of heavy artillery bombardment and a ground offensive, de facto authorities surrendered, leaving Azerbaijan in control of the territory. Fighting left hundreds dead and many more wounded, though exact numbers are difficult to ascertain. Fearful of their future under Baku’s rule, tens of thousands fled into Armenia.

Why does it matter? Azerbaijan’s definitive victory marks an end to three decades of de facto self-governance for the majority ethnic-Armenian enclave and once again shifts the power balance in the volatile South Caucasus. Both residents who are fleeing the region and those few who may decide to stay face an uncertain future.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we regularly assess, CrisisWatch tracked significant developments in Benin, Ecuador, Gabon, Ghana, Guatemala, Madagascar, Togo and Nile Waters

Improved Situations
Western Sahara

Conflict Risk Alerts
Kosovo: The fragile calm in northern Kosovo shattered as a group of heavily armed Serbs clashed with Kosovo police. The military-grade weapons seized from the attackers indicate Serbs in the north are preparing for a fight.

Resolution Opportunities

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