General Information November 2023

Foreign Care Workers Invited to UK ‘Exploited on Grand Scale’

Four Looming Problems in the UK Asylum System and How to Address Them

Texas: “Operation Lone Star” Kills 74 Migrants

‘Many Care Homes Wouldn’t be Here Without Foreign Workers

UK Must Improve Labour Market Enforcement in Order to Tackle Exploitation of Workers

IRR: Challenging Media Double Standards - Resetting the Agenda

Parliament: There are no Safe Routes for Refugees and Asylum Seekers to the UK

Just 15 Countries Host More Than Half of 71.1 Million IDPs Worldwide

Rwanda: Evil Then and Evil Now

Student With Rare Disease to Stay in UK After Immigration Battle

Victim of Trafficking/Modern Slavery - Criminal Convictions Quashed

UK Point-Based Immigration System Increase Risk of Exploitation for Migrant Workers

Worsening Conditions/Challenges Facing Vulnerable Ukrainian Refugees In Europe

Returning a Refugee to Persecution Must be a Last Resort

EDM 50: Persecution Faced by Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan

India and Georgia to be Added to the List of ‘Safe’ Countries?

CoA Dismiss Government Appeal Access to Benefits for People With Pre Settled Statu

'Israeli Settlers' Violence Against Palestinians Rises in the West Bank

As Gaza Burns, Other Countries Quietly, Illegally Dumping Refugees

Suspend Arms to Israel, Palestinian Armed Groups

RAF Admits to Making 17 Military Flights to Israel Since Gaza Bombing Began

IRR  News: Anti-Palestinianism, Suspect Communities and the Racist Backlash 

Afghan Refugee Wins Substantial Damages From Home Secretary For Destitution

UK In Violation of International Law’ Over Poverty Levels, says UN Envoy

How is the Home Office Prioritising Asylum Claims?

Home Office Wrong to Move Vulnerable Asylum Seeker Away From Support Network

CoA Sends Medical Treatment Case Back to First-tier Tribunal

Guidance in Begum on Deprivation Decisions Not Restricted to National Security Cases

Latest Trafficking Figures Show Benefit of Change In Home Office Policy

Black and Asian People Find it Harder to Access NHS Mental Health Services

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - November 2023

Deteriorated Situations: Guatemala - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Türkiye - Mozambique - D R Congo - Rwanda - Sudan - Israel/Palestine - Lebanon - Syria - Yemen

Conflict Risk Alerts: Myanmar - Somalia - Sudan - Mali - Israel/Palestine - Lebanon - Syria - Iraq - Yemen - Madagascar

Global Overview: Our monthly conflict tracker highlights five conflict risk alerts and one resolution opportunity related to the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on 7 October following Hamas’s unprecedented attacks (see this month’s Conflict in Focus).

In Israel-Palestine, Israel’s bombardment and ground operations could raze Gaza, kill thousands more Palestinians and compound the humanitarian catastrophe facing 2.3 million people. Qatari mediation offers a slim hope for talks.

Israel’s Gaza campaign also risks igniting a regional conflagration. Deadly border clashes between Hizbollah and Israeli forces, which have killed dozens of militants and several Israeli soldiers, could open another front in Lebanon.

The U.S. said dozens of attacks targeted its forces in Syria and Iraq. Iran-backed armed groups in both countries could escalate such strikes, as well as cross-border attacks into Israel from Syria.

The Houthis in Yemen launched long-range missile and drone attacks targeting Israel and vowed more such strikes, which could further expand the Israel-Hamas war.

Large-scale fighting between M23 rebels and government forces resumed in DR Congo’s North Kivu after six months of precarious calm, fuelling tensions with Rwanda. Meanwhile, the political climate remained heated ahead of the December elections.

The ruling Awami League in Bangladesh intensified repression of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) ahead of the January 2024 elections, as clashes between opposition supporters and the police turned deadly.

We also spotlight five other alerts in November in Africa and Asia

Military authorities could launch an offensive in northern Mali in the coming days or weeks to take control of the town of Kidal, a stronghold of the 2015 peace deal signatories.

The Rapid Support Forces captured Sudan’s South Darfur state, marking a major turn in the war, and could seek to push forward in Darfur and Kordofan in the coming weeks.

Election-related tensions grew further in Somalia’s Puntland state, raising the prospect of an armed confrontation between rival security forces in the lead-up to the polls planned for early 2024.

In Myanmar, an ethnic Kokang armed group, alongside its allies, in Shan state in the north launched one of its largest offensives in years to retake lost territory, which may provoke further clashes with the regime in November.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked significant developments in Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Gabon, Guatemala, Jordan, Lesotho, Madagascar, Moldova, Nile Waters and Togo.

Improved Situations: Colombia - Venezuela

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