News Articles/Judgments/Reports June 2023

Punishment Without Trial: Britain’s Latest Weapon in the War Against Dissent

Injunctions – How Afraid Should We Be?

New Figures Reveal Scale of Prison Capacity Crisis

Modern Slavery Victim’s Drug Conviction Quashed Following CCRC Referral

Inquiry Finds Undercover Police Actions Were Unjustified

‘No More Deaths’ Campaign

Reclaiming What Was Lost Through the Harm of a Wrongful Conviction

Pioneering Facility Offering Alternative to Women’s Prisons Opens in England

Children Subject to Deprivation of Liberty Orders Suffer “Severe Restrictions”

Resumption of ‘Deport First, Appeal Later’ Policy

Guildford Four: One Trial, Two Appeals, an Inquiry an Inquest, But What Do We Know?

Thousands of Prisoners ‘Rotting Away With Little or No Hope of Finding Justice

CCRC Refer Sexual Offence Conviction to the Court of Appeal 

Chief Constable Calls Avon and Somerset Police ‘Institutionally Racist’

Honduras Prison Violence:  41 Killed In Women's Jail Riot

Breaking the Silence – Court Rules Prisoners Can Speak to the Media

Offenders Day of Release from Detention Bill (Passed and Now Law)

Three Years Since Death of Baby Brooke Leigh Powell at HMP Styal 

Debate About Woman Jailed for Abortion is Missing Something Crucial

Colin Pitchfork: Recall to Custody Was "Flawed and Not Supported by Evidence”

Miscarriages of Justice - Debate House of Lords

Obituary: Ronnie Knight London Nightclub Owner and Criminal 

Outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Individuals in the Criminal Justice System

LGBT People - Disregards and Pardons Scheme

Police Everywhere Justice Nowhere - 24 Reasons to Abolish the Met Police

‘Punitive’ Victorian Law Imprisons Mother of Three for Late Abortion

Health Concerns - Hear Me Speak

Black Remand Prisoners Held 70% Longer Than White Counterparts in England and Wales

‘Routinely Violent’: a History of Policing Protest

Why Every Criminal Record Should Not be a Life Sentence

Police Apologise to Black Royal Marine and Pay Substantial Libel & Privacy Damages 

Met Police First to Apologise for LGBT+ Maltreatment

Adultification Bias Not Extended to Young Black People

British Justice: Boris Johnson Gets Legal Aiher of Three on the Breadline Doesn’t

Urgesi and Others v. Italy Judged by the Same Judge Twice - Violation of Article 6 § 1

Global Study of Miscarriages of Justice Highlights ‘Myth of Exceptionality’

Family Call for Answers a Year After Death of Oladeji Omishore - Tasered by MET

Hugh Callaghan, One of the “Birmingham Six’ Dies Aged 93

Why the Birmingham Six’s Story Must Not be Forgotten

Disproportionate Deployment of Tasers Against the Black Community

Prisons: “Warehouses of Despair, Danger and Degradation”